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Burroughs engineering teams have incorporated the best-in-class features of our high-speed transports into the NDP Quantum Series platform resulting in unrivaled performance throughout our entire product line. Every aspect is designed to provide the dependability required for transaction-intensive environments.

Offered at 200, 300 and 600 documents per minute (dpm), the NDP Quantum Series is the only product family in its class that is field upgradeable from 200 dpm all the way to 600 dpm. Also, the NDP 600 Quantum can be downgraded to 300 dpm if your volumes decline. With the NDP Quantum Series, you can expect up to 60 percent higher throughput when upgrading from a DP 500 or similar competitive model - outperforming competitive transports in its class by as much as 20 percent.

Maximize Your Return

Burroughs is the leader in providing innovative products and tools designed to improve your overall productivity

Burroughs Character Recognition Software - Utilizes multiple Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR) and Legal Amount Recognition (LAR) engines to achieve industry-leading read rates with exceptional accuracy.

Image Exchange Utilities - Tools to ensure the quality and usability of images and prevent image fraud.

StatsPlus - Tools to measure and maximize platform and operator performance and to plan preventive maintenance.

Operator Video Training and Help - Transport- based multimedia instructions designed to assist the operator in operating and maintaining the transport.

Image Capture

High-quality images are essential to high recognition rates, trouble-free image exchange and dependable archive.

Burroughs transports may be configured to capture black & white, gray level or color images of the front and/or rear of each item at track speed. High resolution gray level images are often used for character recognition or special post-processing applications, such as signature verification or data-mining. Image quality suspects are flagged on black & white and gray level images in conformance to the ANS X9.100-180 standard. The transport can be stopped to resolve developing issues per customer guidelines. Images can be digitally signed to prevent undetected alteration that could otherwise occur at any point in the image's exchange or storage.

Downstream Image

Fully processed items can be archived with Downstream Image.

The downstream image module, located before the first pocket module, captures a fully encoded and endorsed front and rear image of a document. The downstream camera can optionally be configured with red filters for European Giro applications or with an emboss camera for Japanese applications. The European Giro cameras can be configured to capture both filtered images for ICR and unfiltered images for archive.

Upstream Image

Upstream capture enables real-time recognition processing.

For more efficient image-supported exception handling and lower cost remittance systems, an advanced upstream front/rear camera is available on the NDP Quantum Series. Both downstream and upstream image modules can be configured on the same transport.

Quality Takes Many Forms

Our quality philosophy is to continually improve all aspectsof our business, people, processes and performance.

For the NDP Quantum Series, we implement rigorous supplier qualification, Lean Manufacturing techniques and the Six Sigma methodology. These practices improve our arrival quality and lower cost by reducing the variation in our business processes.

Model Burroughs NDP Quantum check scanner
Type GS/Color
Flatbed No
Scan Mode Duplex
Interface N/A
Daily Duty Cycle N/A
Resolution 600 dpi
Physical dimensions 99" L x 37" W x 35" H
Weight 770-975
ADF Throughput @ 200dpi Monochrome
Duplex Landscape 200, 300, 600 cpm
Duplex Portrait 200, 300, 600 cpm
Simplex Landscape 200, 300, 600 cpm
Simplex Portrait 200, 300, 600 cpm
ADF Throughput @ 150dpi Color
Duplex Landscape Color 200, 300, 600 cpm
Duplex Portrait Color 200, 300, 600 cpm
Simplex Landscape Color 200, 300, 600 cpm
Simplex Portrait Color 200, 300, 600 cpm
ADF Info
ADF Feeder Capacity 2550
ADF Feeder Paper Size Width. N/A
ADF Feeder Paper Size Length N/A
Scanner Drivers | Supported OS Windows XP Professional 32-bit Windows 7 Professional 32 and 64-bit
Warranty N/A Years warranty
  • An open track design provides for faster recovery
  • Advanced roller materials optimize document handling
  • Our engineers designed these latest features with you in mind
  • A large 17-in. adjustable flat-panel display and optional touch panel are available for easy screen viewing from any area of the transport
  • The removable kneewell panel is designed for flexibility
  • Burroughs understands the importance of design
  • The NDP Quantum Series is designed for continual operation and increased productivity
  • Productivity is improved when the operator can perform other tasks because the transport automatically feeds control documents into the track
  • Protecting your investment
  • Superior MICR and OCR Readers significantly reduce the time required for data correction due to character rejects and substitutions
  • Unlike any other in the industry
  • Fewer cartridge changes and lower supplies cost are realized through a 500 percent ink capacity increase
  • Our pocket design maximizes operational efficiency
  • The NDP Quantum Series offers both low-speed and high-speed encoder options to ensure highly
  • reliable encoding performance to meet your throughput needs and achieve fault resilience
  • This low-cost encoding option for smaller item volumes offers superior print quality and reliability
  • Choose our accurate high-volume amount encoder, with wider track, in POD or remittance applications
  • The high-speed encoder is designed with a wider track for fewer stops and higher productivity
  • High-quality images are essential to high recognition rates, trouble-free image exchange and dependable archive
  • Fully processed items can be archived with Downstream Image
  • Upstream capture enables real-time recognition processing


Description Mfg# Price Cart
Box of 15 cleaning cards MIS-CS1B15WS $26.00
Franking cartridge (Must be ordered at the time of check scanner purchase) SSP1-F $38.00
Professional Color (firmware add) SSP1-COL $83.00
Professional OCR (firmware add) SSP1-OCR $94.00
  • Burroughs Auto Feed Color/Greyscale Check Scanner
Comes with standard N/A years warranty.