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Description Mfg# Price Cart
ROWE 450i 24" Warranty Upgrade 1st Year "Return to Depot" to On-Site warranty N/A $795.00
1 year on- site ROWE 450i 36C & 450i 36E 29RWWAR03 $1,494.00
1 year on- site ROWE 450i 44C & 450i 44E 29RWWAR05 $1,695.00
1 year on- site ROWE 850i 44C & 850i 44E 29RWWAR01 $2,395.00
1 year on- site ROWE 850i T44C & 850iE T44E 29RWWAR02 $2,495.00
1 year on- site ROWE 850i 55C & 850i 55E 29RWWAR03 $2,595.00
1 year on- site ROWE 850i T55C & 850iE T55E 29RWWAR04 $2,795.00
1 year on- site ROWE 850i 60C & 850i 60E 29RWWAR05 $2,895.00
1 year on- site ROWE 850i T60C & 850i T60E 29RWWAR06 $2,995.00


Description Mfg# Price Cart
Scan Manager LT 08RWSW001 $750.00
Scan Manager SE 08RWSW002 $1,095
Scan Manager TOUCH 08RWSW004 $1,095
Scan Manager PRO 08RWSW003 $2,995


Description Mfg# Price Cart
Sensor TOP / BOTTOM BT0000/46/00/142 $7.70
Drive Belt height adjustment BT0000/11/00/139 $28.30
Switch top part OPEN / CLOSED BT0000/46/00/099 $30.25
Drive Belt BT0000/11/00/137 $40.90
Drive Belt BT0000/11/00/138 $41.75
ITE Power Supply BT0000/51/00/363 $44.65
Sensor paper feed BT0000/46/00/127 $55.25
Reflector roller BT0000/13/00/244 $94.75
Scan Series Document Return Guides 07RWACC002 $95.00
Printed circuit board height adjustment BT0000/51/00/325 $164.25
Glass plate 44" BT0000/25/00/023 $345.98
Calibration Chart 44" RM2000/05/03/010 $372.50
850i PC Mounting Kit 7RWACC001 $395.00
450i Floorstand 24" (including catch basket) RM2000/05/01/001 $500.00
450i Floorstand 36" (including catch basket) RM2000/05/02/002 $585.00
450i Floorstand 44" (including catch basket) RM2000/05/03/003 $585.00
450i & 850i PC Mounting Kit RM2000/05/00/004 + RM2000/05/00/005 $395.00
Scan 450i MFP Stand and PC holder - fits 24", 36", 44" scanners RM3000/01/00/020 + RM3000/01/00/021 $1,195.00
Calibration Chart 60" RM3500/05/03/002 $455.00
Glass plate 60" BT0000/25/00/024 $681.63
Contact Image Sensor BT0000/33/00/339 $912.23
Scan controller BT0000/51/00/382 $1,099.95