Canon DR-X10C

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Color Duplex Scanner
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The DR-X10C delivers unrivaled image quality at rapid speeds of up to 128 pages per minute and 256 images per minute, in color, grayscale, or black-and-white. The energy efficient and durable DR-X10C, with its operator friendly design, is the ultimate solution for quality production level scanning.

Fast Speed for Production Scanning

The DR-X10C scanner is capable of maintaining impressive scanning speeds of up to 130 pages per minute and 260 images per minute,* in color, grayscale, or black-and-white, due in part to a dedicated, onboard Image Processing Chip. This hardware chip can handle multiple image processing functions simultaneously, virtually independent of connected PC performance. To support these speeds, fast connectivity is offered with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and SCSI III ports. The DR-X10C scanner also allows for optional onboard Kofax VirtualReScan (VRS) implementation. This hardware solution will deliver the full advantages of VRS image enhancement capabilities, as well as improved scanning speed and productivity.

Outstanding Canon Image Quality

The DR-X10C scanner introduces the industry's first dustfree scanning system. A revolutionary three-step approach helps prevent dust particles from accumulating and adhering to the sensor glass, resulting in clearer images and minimized manual cleaning. Uniform, consistent images are captured with utmost precision and clarity - at up to 600 dpi - due to Canon's advanced image processing features, which include Automatic Shading Mechanism and Three-Dimensional Color Correction.

Reliable, Flexible Document Handling

The DR-X10C scanner delivers smooth, jam-free feeding of a wide variety of document sizes, from business cards up to 11" x 17", or even 22" x 34" in Folio Mode.** And batch scanning preparation time is reduced with the industry's first dedicated page size and skew detection sensor, a new five level user-adjustable Active Separation Torque controller, and Staple Detection feature. For further flexibility, the DR-X10C scanner is equipped with three user-adjustable Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection sensors to correctly batch-scan documents with attached photographs or notes. Plus, a Double-Feed Retry mechanism - which reverses documents and attempts to feed them again - and Canon's Rapid Recovery System ensure the DR-X10C scanner's superior, reliable, and flexible document handling.

Energy Star Capture Perfect
Model Canon DR-X10C
Type B&W/Color
Flatbed No
Scan Mode Duplex
Interface USB 2.0
Daily Duty Cycle 60,000 scans
Resolution 600 dpi
Physical dimensions 14.8 x 20.8 x 22.2"
Weight 86 lbs
ADF Throughput @ 200dpi Monochrome
Duplex Landscape 80 ipm
Duplex Portrait 80 ipm
Simplex Landscape 40 ppm
Simplex Portrait 40 ppm
ADF Throughput @ 150dpi Color
Duplex Landscape Color 80 ipm
Duplex Portrait Color 80 ipm
Simplex Landscape Color 40 ppm
Simplex Portrait Color 40 ppm
ADF Info
ADF Feeder Capacity 500 Pages
ADF Feeder Paper Size Width. 2.0" x 2.8 "
ADF Feeder Paper Size Length 12" x 17 "
Scanner Drivers | Supported OS ISIS/TWAIN for Windows 2000/XP/Windows Vista
Warranty 3 Month: On-Site (5x9x24)
  • The DR-X10C scanner is capable of maintaining impressive scanning speeds of up to 128 pages per minute
  • and 256 images per minute, in color, grayscale, or black-and-white.
  • Onboard Image Processing chip can handle multiple image processing functions virtually independent of
  • connected PC performance for quick scan jobs.
  • The industry's first dust-free scanning system prevents dust particles from adhering to the sensor glass
  • minimizing manual cleaning.
  • Three user-adjustable Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection sensors and Double-Feed Retry mechanism promote
  • flexible document handling for more unattended batch scanning.
  • The DR-X10C features a robust design capable of handling approximately 60,000 scans per day meeting the
  • demands of production level scanning.
  • Intuitive control panel displays scanner settings, messages and allows the user to pre-register Scan-To-Job
  • buttons for customizable one-touch job access.

PC Interface Cables

Description Mfg# Price Cart
Cable 10' HD68-HD50 SCSI Interface Cable NWC-C7350-10 $72.00

PC Interface Boards

Description Mfg# Price Cart
VRS CGA Canon X10C Kofax Image Processing Board VR-5001-4000 $2,550.00


Description Mfg# Price Cart
VRS Elite Production Upgrade UP-P005-0001 $1,225.00
Capture Pro SW Group F1 854-8521 $9,850.00
Capture Pro SW Group F2 862-8091 $9,850.00
Capture Pro SW Group F3 139-9062 $9,850.00
Kofax Express Mid-Vol Prod. KX-MS00-0001 $7,500.00


Description Mfg# Price Cart
Bar Code Module 1922B001 $199.00
CapturePerfect 3.0 Software 1941B001 $80.00
Pre Imprinter DRX10C 2418B003 $630.00
Post Imprinter DRX10C 2418B004 $630.00
Patch Code Decoder DRX10C 2418B005 $495.00
Kofax CGA Board DR-X10C 2418B006 $2,550.00


Description Mfg# Price Cart
Exchange Roller Kit, DRX10C 2418B001 $130.00
Cleaning Sheet DRX10C 2418B002 $56.00
  • DR-X10C Scanner
  • AC Adapter
  • AC Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Carrier Sheet
  • Software & Documentation CD

Standard Warranty: 1 Year: AUR (24 hour)
AUR - Advance Unit Replacement

Description Mfg# Price Cart
Canon Post Warranty1 Year eCarePak (Advanced Exchange Program)DR-X10C 5354B001 $2,400.00
Canon Post Warranty2 Year eCarePak (Advanced Exchange Program)DR-X10C 5354B002 $4,560.00
Canon Post Warranty3 Year eCarePak (Advanced Exchange Program)DR-X10C 5354B003 $6,840.00
Canon Post Warranty4 Year eCarePak (Advanced Exchange Program)DR-X10C 5354B004 $9,120.00
Canon Post Exchange9 month eCarePak (Advanced Exchange Program)DR-X10C 5354B005 $1,800.00
Canon Post Exchange9 month + 1 Yr. eCarePak (Advanced Exchange Program)DR-X10C 5354B006 $4,200.00
Canon Post Exchange9 month + 2 Yr. eCarePak (Advanced Exchange Program)DR-X10C 5354B007 $6,360.00
Canon Post Exchange9 month + 3 Yr. eCarePak (Advanced Exchange Program)DR-X10C 5354B008 $8,640.00
Canon Post Exchange9 month + 4 Yr. eCarePak (Advanced Exchange Program)DR-X10C 5354B009 $10,920.00