Colortrac SmartLF SG 44 series

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The seventh generation SmartLF SG ENERGY STAR qualified 36 inch scanner combine a unique Colortrac designed bi-directional LED light system that has low energy requirements, a longer life and reduced environmental impact with the superior color imaging attributes of CCD.

SmartLF SG Series large format scanners have all the advantages of CCD technology's superior color imaging - the ability to scan a wide gamut (range of colours) and a high dynamic range (ability to see detail in dark and light areas) - combined with 1200 dpi optical resolution, the highest optical resolution available in any CCD wide format scanner in the market today. This makes them perfect for capturing vibrant, accurate colors for graphics professionals as well as sharply defined line detail on technical documents and maps.

SmartLF SG scanners use the advanced SureDrive paper transport system to maintain accurate document positioning as the document passes through the scanner. Combining this with the ClearView bright white bi-directional LED illumination system ensures that with SG even folded documents scan accurately and as shadow-free as possible.

Images are scanned using 48-bits (color) or 16-bits (monochrome), with the best 24 and 8-bits selected as image data respectively.

All the benefits of CCD - without the downsides

Traditional CCD scanners have superior color imaging but are disadvantaged by their fluorescent lighting systems. By using white LEDs instead of fluorescent tubes, the SmartLF SG is able to maximize the benefits of CCD while saving time and energy.

Simplified thick media system

Thick media operation is now full-time on all SG Series scanners. To raise the lid and increase the thickness capability of the scanner raise the lever on the left-hand side of the scanner lid to its maximum position then load the document manually. Lower the lever to grip the media and begin scanning. All media must be loaded panel-side justified with SG.

No warm up, no waiting

While a fluorescently lit scanner can be used within five minutes of switching on, it should really be left to warm up for about 30 minutes in order for the tubes to reach their optimum light intensity and for the tube temperature to reach equilibrium. If this is not done color match and possible stitch inaccuracies caused by a still cold chassis may result. ClearView white LED illumination used in SmartLF SG produces high quality scans just like fluorescent illumination but unlike fluorescent tubes the color temperature from LEDs remains stable from first power-up to final power-down. No more waiting for warm-up to complete, simply turn SG scanners on and scan!

  SC 44m
SC 44c
SC 44e
Xpress Color
Upgradeable m to c
m to e
c to e N/A
Optical Resolution 1200 dpi 1200 dpi 1200 dpi
Software Scan Resolution 100 to 600 dpi with SmartWorks EZ Touch & Touch Plus. Up to 1200 dpi (optical) and 96001 dpi
Max Scan Width 42" 42" 42"
Max Media Width


46" 46"
Max Media Thickness 0.08" 0.08" 0.08"
Min Document Size 6" x 6" 6" x 6" 6" x 6"
Max Scan Length
Depends on file format and software application. See scanner software information
Accuracy +/-0.1% +/-1 pixel +/-0.1% +/-1 pixel +/-0.1% +/-1 pixel
Auto Size Display Detects and displays the width of the document as it is loaded (mm or inches)
Imaging Technology
SingleSensor SingleSensor SingleSensor
Data Capture (color/grayscale) 16-bit 48-bit/16-bit 48-bit/16-bit
Scan Speed 1-bit mono (in/sec) 8-bit grayscale @200dpi 13.00 13.00 13.00
Scan Speed 1-bit mono (in/sec) 8-bit grayscale @400dpi 6.50 6.50 6.50
Scan Speed 24-bit color (in/sec) @200dpi N/A 3.0 6.0
Scan Speed 24-bit color (in/sec) @400dpi N/A 1.5 3.0
Paper Path Face-up, front entry, rear exit or rewind to front Face-up, front entry, front exit with optional Document Return Guide
Interface SuperSpeed USB 3.0 data transfer rates up to 85MB/sec Optimised USB2 transfer rates up to 35MB/sec
Power Requirements External power supply 100~240 VAC autosensing +/-10%, 50-60 Hz Scanner power consumption 53W (scanning) 5W (standby)
Operating conditions 10oC - 35oC, 35% - 80% RH non-condensing
Weight & Dimensions (WxHxD) Scanner: 58.4lbs 45" x 6" x 15"
Packaged:60lbs 50.6" x 9.3" x 20.1"
Operating System and Interface(s) Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP232-bit and 64-bit architectures with USB3 or USB2 interface
Certifications CB, CE, FCC, CCC, UL, RoHS compliant. ENERGY STAR qualified
Included Software SmartWorks EZ Touch - SCAN/COPY/PRINT/EMAIL software - supports TIFF, JPEG & PDF
for Touch enabled screen or regular mouse and keyboard
Optional Software SmartWorks EZ Touch Plus - Extends the editing toolset and USB control of the EZ Touch'in-the-box' standard scan software SmartWorks Pro SCAN & COPY software - industry leading,professional scanning and color-copying software SmartWorks Pro SCAN software - industry leading, professional scanning software SmartWorks Pro COPIER software - industry leading, professional color-copying software
  • 1200dpi optical with 2400dpi maximum resolution
  • Maximum 36in image width for B1, A0, ANSI E and ARCH E-size documents
  • Minimum scanned size A4/A-size document
  • SuperSpeed USB3.0 providing up to 85 MBytes/sec data transfer
  • Magnetic document edge guide for easier location and more positive document loading
  • Scanner Display showing actual scan document width BEFORE THE SCAN STARTS
  • SmartWorks EZ Touch SCAN/COPY/EMAIL software included as standard
  • SingleSensor technology with extra long-life, instant-on Bi-directional illumination
  • Colortrac designed ClearView lighting system using 144 switchable red/green/blue LEDs
  • High speed scans in monochrome, grayscale and color
  • Sharp, fine image detail - superb black & white scan-once capture system
  • Clean black & white images - excellent grayscale capture
  • On-site upgrade from monochrome to Color or Express Color
  • Reliable paper feed from advanced full width single driven Hold-up Roller
  • Scans media up to 0.08in / 2.0mm - suits ALL technical documents
  • Fast, high quality scans from power-on, no warm-up, no waiting!
  • Low maintenance, low environmental impact, Energy Star qualified


Description Mfg# Price Cart
SmartWorks Pro - SCAN for Colortrac Ci, Gx+, SC, and SG 09A006 $634.00
SmartWorks Pro - COPIER for Colortrac Ci, Gx+, SC, and SG 09A007 $634.00
SmartWorks Pro - SCAN & COPY for Colortrac Ci, Gx+, SC, and SG 09A008 $1,018.00


Description Mfg# Price Cart
Upgrades a SG 44m to SG 44c 66J001 $2,775.00
Upgrades a SG 44m to SG 44e 66J002 $7,500.00
Upgrades a SG 44c to SG 44e 66J003 $4,725.00


Description Mfg# Price Cart
Floor stand including catch basket (E Size/A0) SC36 Xpress, SC42 Xpress, SG Scanners 02S076 $585.00
Floor Stand PC Mounting Option for 02S076 (SC25, SC36, SC42 & SG Series Scanners) 02S080 $395.00
Repro Stand SFP (Single Foot-Print) for SC36 & SC42, & SG Series. Includes mounting bracket for PC, Touch Screen and Keyboard. Works with most printers. 02S078 $1,055.00
Document Return Guide - SmartLF SG 03J009 $110.00
D Size Document Carrier Sheet - (24.5" x 37", WHITE back) 50H119US $110.00
E Size Document Carrier Sheet - (37.5" x 50", WHITE back) 50H120US $155.00
D Size Document Carrier Sheet - (24.5" x 37", BLACK back) 50H121US $110.00
E Size Document Carrier Sheet - (37.5" x 50", BLACK back) 50H122US $155.00

Parts for Colortrac SmartLF SG 44 series


Description Mfg# Price Cart
Calibration and Stitch Target (SG36 / 44) 10J050 $58.00
Camera Board (SG36 / 44) 10J001 $124.00
Control Board (SG36 / 44) 10J025 $44.00
Control Board Bracket (SG36 / 44) 10J026 $44.00
Drive Pulley Pack (SG36 / 44) 10J020 $20.00
Drive Roller Support Bracket (SG36 / 44) 10J018 $20.00
EMC Filter Bracket Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J010 $28.00
Front Pinch Roller Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J032 $96.00
Glass Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J023 $208.00
Hold Down Roller Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J035 $212.00
LED Board Sub-Assembly (SG36 / 44) 10J017 $36.00
Left End Cover Assembly (SG36 / 44) 10J004 $44.00
Left Gas Piston Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J046 $28.00
Lid Hinge Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J049 $48.00
Lid Latch Pack of 2 (SG36 / 44) 10J041 $44.00
Lid Timing Belt Tension Bar Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J036 $40.00
Lower Covers Pack (SG36 / 44) 10J024 $32.00
Magnetic Paper Guide Assembly (SG36 / 44) 10J051 $28.00
Main Board (SG36 / 44) 10J011 $640.00
Main Drive Roller (SG36 / 44) 10J019 $128.00
Motor Cover (SG36 / 44) 10J044 $12.00
Motor Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J045 $69.00
Packing (SG36 / 44) 10J053 $100.00
Paper Hold Down Roller Cover (SG36 / 44) 10J040 $104.00
Paper Sensor Front Side Justified (SG36 / 44) 10J014 $24.00
Paper Sensor Front Width Detector Pack of 6 (SG36 / 44) 10J015 $88.00
Paper Sensor Rear Side Justified (SG36 / 44) 10J013 $24.00
Paper Tray Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J022 $160.00
PCB Tray Sub Assembly (SG36 / 44) 10J007 $160.00
Pinch Roller Pressure Spring (Pack of 2) (SG36 / 44) 10J037 $12.00
Power Cut-off Microswitch Sub-Assy 10J039 $20.00
Power Microswitch Activation Bracket (SG36 / 44) 10J042 $12.00
Power Socket Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J009 $28.00
Power Switch Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J008 $12.00
Pressure Bracket and Spring Pack of 13 (SG36 / 44) 10J034 $28.00
PSU (SG36 / 44) 10J052 $44.00
Raising Lid Gear Pack Sub-Assembly (SG36 / 44) 10J029 $16.00
Raising Lid Handle Sub- Assembly (SG36 / 44) 10J028 $60.00
Raising Lid Lever Kit v1 (SG36 / 44)(before L1503240) 10J061 $228.00
Raising Lid Lever Shaft Assembly (SG36 / 44)(after L1503241) 10J062 $124.00
Raising Lid Ratchet Bracket 10J063 $68.00
Rear Inner Cover Assembly (SG36 / 44) 10J006 $164.00
Rear Outer Cover Assembly (SG36 / 44) 10J003 $168.00
Rear Pinch Roller Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J033 $80.00
Ribbon Cable (Camera Boards) Kit (SG36 / 44) 10J012 $20.00
Right End Cover Assembly (SG36 / 44) 10J005 $48.00
Right Gas Piston Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J047 $28.00
Scanner Foot Pack (SG36 / 44) 10J043 $24.00
Small Parts Pack (SG36 / 44) 10J054 $120.00
Tension Bar Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J048 $56.00
Thick Media Microswitch Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J016 $16.00
Thick Media Sensor Switch Bracket Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J038 $28.00
Timing Belt Kit (SG36 / 44) 10J021 $16.00
Top Lid Cover (SG36 / 44) 10J002 $180.00
Top Lid Cover Handle Recess Sub-Assy (SG36 / 44) 10J031 $12.00
  • Colortrac SmartLF SG 44 Series Wide Format Scanner
  • SmartWorks Touch Software
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • AC Adapter & Cable
Comes with standard N/A years warranty.